how to tighten a sump plug

Terms of Use Privacy Policy Guidelines. Remember - Lefty loosey, righty tighty. The one I have is a double ended gizmo (12mm one end and10mm the other I think) that fits in a … The Self Threading Metal Oil Pan Drain Plug . What about the oil filter? Trick I used from doing bikes was, to reuse the copper washer, heat it up on the hob in your kitchen until its glowing red, then allow to air cool. Sump plug torque settings 11-03-12, 02:56 PM. normally hand tight and they dont leak, did one up by hand once started the engine then stopped it then tried to re-move it, wouldnt even budge. It is worth using a torque wrench to tighten the sump plug though... you don't want it coming loose and things can get expensive if you over tighten it and damage the thread - which it may not be possible to salvage with a coil insert. Unscrew the existing sump plug bolt (counter-clockwise). Adjust the fuel pressure by loosening the jam nut on the regulator with a 9/16” wrench. The hot oil will begin to pour out. . 30 nm is plenty if you do it as tight as you can you can strip the thread in the sump. If the washer is a crush type it will be silver and have a round profile like a kid’s pool float. (left to loosen, right to tighten). You can sign in to vote the answer. 20th Anniversary - The Polo Social is a social event every year that is put on by Club Polo which is open to all VW Polo owners from any Club. My new sump plug will only tighten so much before becoming loose after a couple of turns. By Guest MehMan, The washers are designed to have a certain amount of 'squish' when the sump nut is torqued up hence they should be changed every time the nut is removed. Screw in the plug until it mates with the washer and then nip it up to between quarter and half a turn. An auto mechanic friend suggested a Self Threading Oil Pan Drain Plug. The Club was formed by the amalgamation of the Polo GT/Coupe S Owners Club and the Polo Coupe Owners Club back in 2000. Has anyone got the torque settings for a 3.2 did pajero sump plug? hence leaks. I've never done an oil filter tighter than hand tight and also never had a problem with them. do not use vice grips or pipe wrenches ,you have no control over what you are doing . Copyright © ClubPolo 2020 Remember - Lefty loosey, righty tighty. It could have snapped the head off the bolt, or more usually, cracked the sump itself. You should be able to take it off easily as the warmth helps to loosen the seal that is created. p.s. Loud whining noise coming from my car only when my engine is cold. save the seal catching and causing a shit seal. hold the socket tight on the plug. Ferriswheel. Make sure you tap it going in the proper … You can still see where I was parking! 0. reply. I put the sump bolt back in and tighten it up..... Only it does not tighten Is that enough or should I go the old fashioned way of doing it as tight as it'll go? In fact, a good pump can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in potential flood damage repair. Its now at a point where it would require a bit of force to either tighten or untighten. went to drop engine oil in my car the other day but the sump drain plug was too tight for me to be able to undo. So I fitted a new sump plug and haynes says I should tighten it to 30NM which is nothing. Turn the thread tap clockwise, pushing up gently as you do. Light/Dark Mode Enabled: You can now select the option by clicking the moon/lightbulb in the top right corner! pedrn. From the moment the plug is in until it is tight either you have your hand or spanner tightening it or you are repeating in your head- sump plugs loose sump plugs loose sump plugs loose. Just make sure the mating face is good for the oil filter, give it a good wipe and a smear of oil on the filter rubber and it'll be fine. Or can I somehow destroy the washer this way? It could have snapped the head off the bolt, or more usually, cracked the sump … You won't get anywhere with a rubber mallet since the steel in the sump plug is far too hard to deform. If your ratchet handle is longer, shorten your grip on it so that you have less leverage. Some mechanics over tighten oil filters and sump plugs .. so you cant take the off yourself and you take it back to them to do. 00.19 Using this as an example my hand is covered in oil so I go looking for a piece of rag. It doesn't drip, but if I wipe it off I can see the oil. As for the sump plug, is it really so tight? Use a breaker bar and a proper fitting socket. That's it your done. Not much but enough to leave a drop every few days. The fuel sump is factory set to 58 psi. Spare parts suction filter spa 100 how to change the oil on a bmw f700gs ducati monster oil change horsepower hub sump plug faq diy oil change 2010 dfi 3 8l Tightening An Oil Drain Plug DoityourselfHow To Remove A Stripped Oil Drain PlugHow To Tighten An Oil Drain PlugHow To Remove A … 7 Posts . are you turning it the right way? Personally I would not take any risk and repair the thread in the sump. With a wrench tighten the plug very lightly until it stops and is only snug with the pan. Locate the drain plug and turn it counter clockwise. Messages 1,456. Get your answers by asking now. So if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field. Trick I used from doing bikes was, to reuse the copper washer, heat it up on the hob in your kitchen until its glowing red, then allow to air cool. I took the car to another garage for something else (continual smell of fumes around the car) yesterday and they phoned up saying the sump drain plug was loose and oil was dripping onto the exhaust. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 25, 2017. Additionally, the localised heat generated will also go some way to breaking the bond between the threads. Rapidly becoming the largest and most active club of Polo enthusiasts in the UK. (left to loosen, right to tighten) As for the sump plug, is it really so tight? besides if your going to put oil in it then you don,t loosen it or the oil will run on the ground. Give it one more 1/4 turn. Drain plug beforehand 2011-09-14 11.15.25 by help212, on Flickr Old washer and New washer 2011-09-14 11.28.23 by help212, on Flickr Afterwards 2011-09-14 11.35.40 by help212, on Flickr Thanks for that. The sump plug may have been overtightened in the past which damaged/weakened the thread. Line up the thread tap, perpendicular to the hole. I am a bit paranoid about either over tightening and stripping the sump plug or the sump itself , or not tightening it enough and the plug unscrewing so draining the oil and wrecking the engine. Even the best pump, however, cannot perform its job if the drainage/discharge pipe is blocked. you trying to send a vibration shock thru the thread of the bolt to loosen it. That's what I've done with mine and they've been fine. Once it is completely discharged, wipe the screw and plug … What could happen if you overtighten that? 3200 Sump Plug Torque. 658 411. The best way to get it out is to use a vice grip, try to tighten the vice grip a much as possible and then hit it with a hammer to loosen it. Apr 11, 2019 #1 Hi all, is there a value for this anywhere? With a number of short journeys, the oil wouldn't have gotten warm enough to heat the metal plug … Use jacks to make it easier on yourself or use a creepy crawler. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Use a Hammer. any suggestions as to how to loosen it without stripping the head? Is that enough or should go the old fashioned way of doing it as tight as it'll go? Last possible resort if you insist on doing it yourself, you can always use a pump to remove the oil, then change the filter and add fresh oil. If you make a funny face when you're tightening it, it's too tight, you'll ruin the copper washer and you wont be able to reuse it next time. This was stressful, to say the least, and it created a bit of a mess wherever he parked the car. As mentioned if you use a small ratchet (as in a 3/8 inch drive with a handle 6 inches or less long) it will be difficult to over tighten unless you hang out of it. In these instances, you don’t have to keep changing them. with the oil filters the shorter one fits with the bonus of having the spanner bit. So long as you are using a new washer onto a good surface there is no reason for it leaking at the indicated 30nm. Doing this will likely re-strip the plug. I do the sump plugs up the same as spark plugs, if they use a sealing washer then tighten by hand, then half a turn with a ratchet (180 degrees). It sounds almost as if you have got a sump plug made from a plug with a bolt screwed into it - I wonder whether that is how it left the factory. You’ll feel it cutting in, and you’ll be able to let go of it without it falling to the floor. Mate it should be a hex socket, had a look and I think its diesels and maybe HGTs that can have a bolt with washer. Replace the washer on the plug if fitted. If the oil has been changed recently, you should have no problems removing it. Please add our email as a contact to your email account. Use a breaker bar and a proper fitting socket. Hi everyone, I purchased my first new car this January, a Subaru Outback 2019. Or can I somehow destroy the washer this way? Sump pumps perform an invaluable service in homes and basements that are prone to flooding. So I fitted a new sump plug and haynes says I should tighten it to 30NM which is nothing. Temptation was to try to tighten it further; fortunately I … Not wanting to remove the sump I took a vernier caliper and measured the internal diameter of the stripped sump drain hole. Welding on a nut is the most sensible solution. ? Then tighten the plug 1/4 turn. Spray penetrating oil on the oil plug and leave it to sit for several hours. no worse than vw using silicone sealant to seal sumps with! Sump plugs loose sump plugs loose sump plugs sump plugs loose. 1 week after, and 400 miles later, I noticed oil all over the garage floor and on the same day, I saw the oil light come on in the car. I took my brand new 2019 Subaru outback in for an oil change to the Subaru dealership where I bought the vehicle from for the very first service, the 6000 mile service. Post Apr 20, 2019 #8 2019-04-20T16:09. i have never used a torque setting wrench on a sump plug. bit silly! Do not tighten the plug to more than 40 nm’s or 29.5 ft/lbs of torque. Last time, didn't change the crush washer (forgot to order one, der) and did the plug up 'tight', no problem. Place a socket onto the oil drain plug and continue tightening it until it is snug on the oil pan. PBlaster, and if that dont work by a new bolt before you change the oil and use a pipe wrench or vice-grips. As far as how tight, you’re not tightening a lug nut, go easy. It's easy! The plug shouldn't have been tightened so much that it is stuck. Is there an easy way to unplug the electrical from the purge valve? Until we could come up with another solution, he had to tighten the rubber plug on a daily basis, check the oil, and perhaps add some more if the level was low. if you want to drain the oil use a 6 point socket and ratchet. That should do it. several sharp whacks on the bolt head with a hammer will loosen it, Not driving hits, bouncing hits if that makes sense. Hammering a socket onto a sump plug is a stupid idea. A crush washer is found beneath every oil drain plug. Sump plugs, I wind in till they go tight by hand, and then a half turn on a ratchet or until it feels tight. 'Buckle up,' ex-DHS chief warns after Capitol attack, Pelosi: House 'will proceed' to impeachment of Trump, Pro trainer banned for giving horse a racist name, Kamala Harris's new Vogue cover shoot is causing a stir, Coach K on 'insurrection': 'They need to be prosecuted', John Reilly, 'General Hospital' alum, dies at 84, Employers fire workers identified as Capitol rioters, Police: Man shoots 7 in series of Chicago-area attacks, Star golfer apologizes after muttering antigay slur, Couple who won $1M lotto gave $1K to grocery workers, Schwarzenegger denounces Capitol riot in powerful video. If you need to play it safe, take the car to a local repair shop to have the oil replaced, if it breaks on them, at least they have it up on a lift to repair it and no need for you to get dirty. This is, of course, assuming that there isn't a hole in your oil pan! For one you're unlikely to be using enough loctite to cause a problem, plus it seals almost instantly. Where you plug in the socket, use the wrench to loosen the plug in a counterclockwise direction. Okay, another question. Sign up for a new account in our community. Step 3 – Replace the Crush Washer. (how tight is too tight??!) Club Polo and the Club Polo website are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Volkswagen AG or any of it's worldwide subsidiaries or associates. Be patient and wait for it to ‘catch’ the metal. Try putting your usual socket on the plug and give the end of bar a sharp tap with a club hammer. Take out a hammer, get under your car, and tap it with the hammer. I could hardly get a grip on it and it ended up leaking after a month. I do the sump plugs up the same as spark plugs, if they use a sealing washer then tighten by hand, then half a turn with a ratchet (180 degrees). I used an aftermarket oil filter the last oil change and it was a longlife one, so it was twice as long as a standard VW filter. Put the new washer on the plug and screw it in by hand as far as you can. We have a 98 Mk1 1.2 8v and a 2005 1.2 8V and both have sump plugs whith a female hex socket. My garage managed not to tighten the sump plug enough and fresh oil has now leaked onto my drive? Do this with your fingers first, to maintain alignment. yes buy a new plug and gasket before you start. I replaced my sump pan last year due to the old one being as rusty as hell. sumpnut normally hand tight and then turn a bit. Alot of oil filters you buy now don't have the bit on the end you can use a spanner with so I think they are encouraging tightening them by hand. Sump plugs generally do not get 'torqued up'. Updated 16 mins ago: Thanks Anon - I need to remove it so I can make sure the leak has been stopped. 6 January, 2010 in Engine, Transmission and Exhaust. It's a bit of a feely job;) Dave. The plug shouldn't have been tightened so much that it is stuck. 11-03-12, 05:19 PM. Replacing timing belt based on mileage or age? 'nick' them up and its fine. I've had a stilson wrench on it, the air chisel on the edge, hand chisel, it will not budge, last service was at the dealers, some monkey must have swung on the wrench to tighten it. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. This can be done by using a helicoil/insert or by rethreading and using a larger sump plug. Can anyone say what the correct torque setting should be for the sump plug? Still have questions? Any info be good thanks Tags: None. make sure you are turning the bolt in the right direction. Will I be able to repair my leaking roof on my own? How do you think about the answers? Once relaxed, you can use your hand and remove the plug. The new sump pan and composite gasket are great and a perfect fit and came with a sump plug already fitted and torqued and it had what looked like thread lock on it. Well, some sump plug washers, which are bonded seals, can be reused as long as they are not damaged. use a proper size 6 point socket and long bar .you may have to to beat on the bar with your free hand. Join Date: Jan 2008; Posts: 3326; Location: Share Tweet #2.

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