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Looking forward to some input Regards Selle Anatomica out of San Diego, CA (not Selle Italia). Of course some rubbing happens when pedalling long distances but before my ass felt like mauled with hammer, not anymore. level 2. The saddle is comfortable for the longest ride. Because it gives you more comfortable to ride. October 2, 2017 8 minute read. item 8 Specialized Power Expert 143mm Saddle - New take-off 7 - Specialized Power Expert 143mm Saddle ... $95.00 10 bids +$9.60 shipping. The Ergon was a torture device. Specialized Phenom Expert Saddle user reviews : 4.6 out of 5 - 8 reviews. Specialized Phenom Expert. The Specialized Power MIMIC women’s saddle: the technology and testing The original Specialized Power saddle was developed alongside Evelyn Stevens, the now-retired pro rider who was a … You do realize that nose down is more likely to cause numbness and discomfort right? But it comes at a price most can't afford. It features the same channel, length, and hollow titanium rails as the original and Pro Arc, but where it differs is in its shell and padding. I ride without pads/chamois, and can put considerable mileage on my 155mm 2009 Specialized Phenom Comp, which I really like, but I want to try something different. While specialized romin ensures you about the durability and improvement of blood flow in the tissues. The seat cover makes with a thin layer of medium consistency. Specialized Phenom Expert Sele:- Carbon-supported and the Titanium alloy rails are durable. Specialized er opsatte på at udfordre normen når det kommer til cykel udstyr og laver hele tiden nye produkter der gør netop det. Specialized Phenom Comp Saddle Be the next Phenom Designed for comfort and strength over long days on the trail the Specialized Phenom Comp Saddle is ready for any adventure. https://nsmb.com/articles/sqlab-611-ergowave-saddle/. Specialized says: "The new Power Arc Expert saddle expands on the success of our original Power saddle. What You Need To Know About Health And Fitness Challenges, Biking Has Become My Top Thinkitation Practice, Determining Cycling Fitness Level with a FTP test on Zwift, Back on the Wellness Wagon: Reclaiming My Sanity After a Bout of Stress-Induced Debauchery. I just did a 205 mi one day ride at race pace on it; fine after ten hours. The differences are that the Toupe has a much flatter profile whereas the Romin is more curved with a wider nose. The phenom has the design of Specialized's "Body Geometry". Downside is they are not light weight unless you spend $$$ and they are recommended to not get soaking wet, since, well leather. I think I'll pass on Ergon saddles, sorry. The Romin saddle is built very well and it operates the similar cover equipment as the specialized phenom. Easiest way I can describe it is the difference between straddling a log (Power Arc) versus a plank (old Power). Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - mtbr.com Specialized recommend installing the saddle with the nose level to the ground, which will make the tail flare up. Power transfer is excellent, and the flat shape and smooth cover allow for easy position changes. Which One Will Proper Pick for Your Vehicle? The romin is best for road, mountain biking, and cyclocross. When you are bent down in the drops and pushing on the pedals, the flare in the back helps to keep you planted, rather than sliding backwards on the saddle. Find a Retailer; en. I believe I need a wider channel as the channel on my Phenom is not more than an 1/2 inch wide, but I'm open to other ideas as well. Sedlo Phenom Comp je lehké, odborně vyladěné pro zajištění tuhosti a efektivity, využívá duté ližiny ze slitiny Cr-Mo a ideální množství polstrování pro jízdu v horách. They all make great saddles but it’s all about fit. 1. AU: English; Change region; Sign in; New Arrivals I do about 50-60miles now, 2x a week. After a friend recommended I get measured and try an sqlab, I bought the same sqlab mtb saddle for my road/gravel bikes and I ride it exclusively. i can't remember, i have both a 14 and 15. i haven't tried any selle italia saddles. If you like the power saddle, check out the power arc as well, it based off the power but with slightly different contours. Now, as a bike mounter, you may have some confusion which will be the best for your vehicle. I run their widest size after getting sit bone measurement. Specialized er kendt for at revolutionere cykleindustrien, og de skaber også banebrydende produkter indenfor cykelsadler. These two differentials depend on you which one you want to use. Selle, Ergon, WTB, Fizik. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But don’t worry! The big difference between the Specialized Women's Power Saddle with Mimic and other saddles that the brand currently offers is the use of the new Mimic technology. Ps...and get a decent chamois for god sake. Sedlo Phenom Comp využívá konstrukce Adaptive Edge, vnější okraj se tak může přizpůsobit vašemu tělu a dobře padne. If you prefer a saddle with least pedaling then the specialized romin is for you. 1. It lasts comfortably for an extended period saddle. Total length difference is 3cm (24cm vs 27cm) (Image credit: Thomas McDaniel / Immediate Media) Image 4 of 16. Originally intended to be a womens’ saddle, the Specialized testers of all genders soon fell in love with it. 2. The specialized phenom is a great choice for mountain bike saddle. Fitted to: Curve Belgie Spirit. Du kan kun få Specialized Phenom Expert i størrelse 143mm, men dette begrænser ikke sadlen til enkelte ryttere. With 90k subscribers I'd hope there are some folks out there who are heavier (210lbs+) and ride wider saddles that can compare SQ Labs vs Specialized vs Selle Italia or others. Specialized Women’s Phenom Evo Comp with Mimic Widths: 143, 155, 168mm Price: £84 / $130 / AU$130. But if you see the review of these two saddles, you can find the losers and the winner for your bike. The shape of the Power Expert saddle on my mountain bike still looks the same as my almost new Power Expert turbo trainer saddle. Width: 143mm. A cycling community enthusiastic about mountain biking and all things related. The Power saddle's nose is about 3 cm shorter than traditional saddles and sits at a different angle at the tail end. The past few years I've been getting saddle sores and have gone through way too many saddles. The specialized phenom has long time durability. While specialized romin ensures you … i got a good bike fit with a saddle pressure mapping thing and my pressures look good with little to no rocking and side2side deviation. So I've been trying out different saddles that were suggested here. For best work, you need to have a position in the optimal placed pedaling place. Specialized took design elements from their newest Phenom saddles design and applied them to the stout nosed concept of the Sitero saddle (which has already boasted high blood flow number) with a wide channel common with their women’s saddles, to create the Power saddle. Snuden på sadlen er adaptiv, hvilket betyder, at den former sig efter lige præcis dine bevægelsesmønstre. 2. The Specialized Phenom on top of the Power. Rails: hollow titanium. Road, mountain, gravel, and many places are perfect for it. I'm more of an endurance-type rider, and would like to start doing 75-100 mile rides. The minimal padding and stiff shell provide outstanding power transfer. Specialized recommends setting the Power up so the forward section of the saddle is level, with the rear then offering an angled surface to push against. Construction, fit, and finish are impeccable with the Po… 3. The debates between specialized romin vs phenom: In the com p arison of specialized romin vs phenom, there are a good bit different. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The shell is stiff and there is no loss of power during hard seated efforts. Weight: 243g. Because both are specialized in mountains and have special features. The phenom has a little portion of dive in the middle. The shell is stiff and padding is least. This saddle makes for consistent and excellent power delivery while pedaling. Specialized Power saddle with Mirror Technology review Specialized's Power saddle with Mirror Technology is the most comfortable saddle I've tested. Looking for my next saddle. Patented body geometry is lab tested to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries and low friction panels on the nose and tail improve pedaling efficiency and mobility while moving on the saddle. Unfortunately, the Trek dealer in my area just closed. Though I do actually like the Power Saddle, just not on a mountain bike. The one-piece synthetic seat cover material has no visible stitching and is attached under the edge of the saddle's carbon reinforced shell. I'm about your weight. Sqlab is one of those very few "worth the high price" items. Looking for a firmer saddle and have narrowed down to a Specialized Phenom or a Bontrager Montrose. Short-nose saddles have been gaining popularity in … This saddle is a high performance with special features. If you want the saddle at a low price with high performance then we think that specialized phenom is proper to pick for you. I need to sell them on eBay. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Specialized S Work Phenom Pro: - Expertly tuned and lightweight. Their design is a bit unique and similar to Brooks saddles. Specialized Phenom vs. Romin. The Specialized Power Expert saddle provides reliable comfort and support even on all-day rides. I ride with a pad all the time though. Bar none the most comfortable saddle I've ever used. I do like the SQLab active a lot more than the Phenom 143. Price: $170 AUD. The sit bones slightly rise in the bottom cradles and deliver something to lift against when you climb up. With the old style Specialized Phenom saddles (2009 vintage) and Romin (non evo) saddles they would develop a pronounced sag after 6 months to a year and need replacing. The wide and long nose is comfortable while you climb up and dropdown. Free Aus Post shipping over $200. The Phenom Compscored well in our durability metric. I GOT PROFESSIONALLY FIT TO THIS SADDLE and it still occasionally makes me go tingley. Most would likely say the new Power saddle is great- I do however note with interest that Kulhavy, Grotts and Gaze are all on the Phenom. Specialized Power Pro Elaston saddle review. The plastic carbon obtained shell and the still rails lifted up to all the misuse. Specialized Phenom Pro:- Weather-resistant and featherweight. Specialized claims their testing showed saddle cutouts — … The test saddle was the mid-sized 155mm version of the Power Expert and suited my body just fine. On the old Power saddle, if I sat far enough back to fully support my sit bones, the edge of the saddle kind of dug in. They've got a selection of well-designed stock footbeds, full-fledged custom moulded options, grips, and seats. It's long which give you a big target when getting out of your saddle often. It is comfortable for its fitness with medium length and weight. I ride without pads/chamois, and can put considerable mileage on my 155mm 2009 Specialized Phenom Comp, which I really like, but I want to try something different. The power is my all time favorite saddle, fits great but it's kinda short for off road use. i had a 155 phenom for awhile and it was my favorite saddle, the power saddle was ok for a lil bit. Again, the Power Expert is … item 9 Specialized Phenom Expert White, Bike Saddle 155mm Road Cx Mtn Titanium Rails 8 - Specialized Phenom Expert White, Bike Saddle 155mm Road Cx Mtn Titanium Rails. The Power Arc also has a little less 'dip', although it's still not completely flat from front to back. I have a stack of expensive saddles about two feet high going back 15 years. Romin Evo vs Phenom Specialized Saddles for mountain bike I have always been a WTB Rocket V user for many years on my road and mountain bikes. Phenom vs Power saddle for MTB - posted in Tech Q&A: Hi I would like to hear from hubbers who have ridden both the Phenom and the Power saddle on a mountain bike. Actually, there is no perfect saddle for riding. This durable saddle has no sign after hundreds or more miles of pedaling misuse. Despite the firm shell, the Adaptive Edge base does flex at the edges of the saddle. $34.00 1 bid +$8.12 shipping. The smooth seat shroud material and the wings allow the excellent performance and independent movement while shifting in the behind and the front it. Specialized Sadler. The shape slightly rises in the bottom. The Romin is incredibly minimal padding and probable due to the stiff shell. I find the cutout a bit small as well. Weight aside (I'm light for my weight), it's the skeletal bone width that matters. 240 here, just got SQLab 611 active and it’s damn awesome. I keep coming back to the Phenom, which I already own. I have an Ergon SME3 enduro saddle which is great. It is a leather hammock design with cut-out and an adjustment capability in the event you need to "tighten" the hammock. if you have a sq lab shop nearby, head over and get measured. It basically disappears beneath you on the trail, so that you can commit your obsession to the trail forward. they make some amazing gear, i think you will like there saddles. To determine your proper saddle width, your best bet is to head to your local Specialized dealer who can help you find the right width for your backside. On the opposition side, phenoms give you assurance of comfort and a low friction panel. Wherever you are riding it reduces the pressure on the sensitive parts. The versatility department makes with outstanding performance and comfort if the phenom. Some find the wide nose rubs on their inner thighs so Spesh bought out the Romin Evo which has the curved profile of the regular Romin but with a narrower nose. The debates between specialized romin vs phenom: In the comparison of specialized romin vs phenom, there are a good bit different. Go get a professional saddle fitting. SQ Labs Active Saddles vs Specialized Body Geo Power/Phenom vs Selle Italia Looking for my next saddle. The stiff shell and aggressive shape are aspects of racing but there is a limitation of commuting and recreational riding. There is saddle sauce you can also buy from them where treatment on the bottom side resists water intrusion. The seat cover is made with a synthetic material that has no visible stitch and it is contained under the edge of the saddle. A long and wide nose gives nice support while down in the fall. Press J to jump to the feed. POWER SADDLE VS POWER ARC. Got measured, I do ride with a chamois occasionally, and I've been riding long enough to know what feels good and what doesnt. but i have moved to the sqlabs 611 ergowave active and so far it's my new favorite saddle. Measured 12,5cm and got 15cm version as recommended for relatively upright position. You need to get measured, just because of your perception of your weight doesn’t mean you need an especially wide saddle. Available in a range of widths to accommodate different sit bones, and with a cutout to relieve pressure, it's one you really can ride for hours without any issues. The most visible difference between the Power Mimic and the Power is the cutout or lack thereof. Get the best deals on Specialized Phenom when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. On the other hand, if you want a lightweight saddle with excellent performance then specialized romin is preferable. Specialized Women’s Phenom Evo Expert with … ... and I've be able to reverse early onset neurological and vascular compromise by switching from a specialized Romin Evo Pro (and later a Power) to the SMP Forma. We are here to provide proper information on specialized romin vs phenom and help you to choose with your findings. Mimic accounts for … So, let's unlock the difference between specialized romin vs phenom and find the best one. I ended up with it even farther behind the bottom bracket. In 2012 they purchased Retül and have invested lots in fit. Couple weeks ago for some reason I decided I wanted a body geo seat for my road bike to protect my soft tissues/perineum so I went down to the bike shop to buy a Specialized saddle. Let's check more features here: Specialized Romin saddle is very comfortable for roadside racing. Specialized designed the Phenom for racing. Specialized Romin Evo Pro:- Featherweight FACT and water-resistant. To remove the pressure on sensitive areas, the full anatomical is used. It seems solid without sagging. The original Power Saddle is a fantastic perch. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. It is very visible and comfortable aspects. Model: Specialized Power Arc Expert. Specialized recommends starting with the nose of the Power three centimeters behind that of a more conventional perch. The Phenom is one of the top-performing saddles for bikers. Get measured, use a chamois, ride with a level saddle - don’t try to reinvent the wheel. by Dave Rome. Specialized S-Works Romin Evo Saddle:- Stiff FACT carbon fiber shell and Super-light PU padding. I have it on my gravel and road bikes but not my CX or XC bikes. Even with the negatives, it is a saddle I will not do without. It is not easy to pick one saddle for mountain riding. Phenom is a great off road saddle. Specialized romin and phenom are the favorite choices for maximum mounters. The only one that is working for me is the SQLab 611, size 14. The Specialized S-Works Power saddle has an inner core of carbon fibre, and uses the same material for the ovals rails. 3 decades of saddles never finding a comfortable one until recently. i think im on a 15cm sqlabs saddle. It is the best choice for roadside racing but also suitable for mountain bikes and cyclocross use. But this means that it still features a stiff composite shell and supple, Level 2 PU padding. I've ridden both, but I'm only 170lbs. ROMIN Evo Comp Gel:- Ultra-light and strong FACT carbon rails. I can't believe how much more comfortable it is. Dimensions of specialized romin and phenom are 143, 168mm, or 155 wide and 143mm or 155mm wide approximately. The seat cover material appears very durable and shows no signs of wear despite hundreds of miles of pedaling abuse… 3. The popular Power saddle gets a comfort upgrade Our rating . Specialized Power vs PRO Stealth: stub-nose saddle comparison review. Edit: the bigger your are bone structure wise, the bigger the difference is. Specialized has been trying to put an end to this with their Body Geometry System. The noticeable short length when you got your weight in the center and get the bike lean over, the short length is visible. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

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