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Bassoonist also use them for the whole reed and even some oboists prefer only a beveled knife. Landwell reed knives are made with quality materials and workership which is reflected in their somewhat high price. These are great quality knives at affordable prices for students and professionals alike. Crafted from high-quality steel with hardwood handles. We sell a selection of bassoon reed scraping knives and diamond coated files. The burr will be very thin and need to be sharpened very regularly. I like to used a smooth sharpening steel on the Hard knives, but not on the medium or soft. This little piece of metal is called the burr. Made in USA. Sale! I tend to use double hollow ground knives for tip work and for windows where fine detail is needed and Landwell reed knives are my preferred choice for double hollow ground knives. Advantages. Disadvantage. It does not take long one you have the process down, but some reed makers may not have the patience for this sort of thing. Home / Oboe - Accessories / Oboe Reed Making / Knives / Page 2. I’m working on seriously getting back into reed making after many years of relying on others. I personally suggest students buy this reed knife to start. The knife should be held in such a way that it gives the reed maker control of exactly where the reed is scraped and how much pressure is used. While the soft knives are easier to sharpen they also must be sharpened more and also have the potential to be ruined by incorrect sharpening easier. Your email address will not be published. Check out our oboe reed knife selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Reed123 Bassoon Reed Making Supplies - Forming Mandrel 3.9 out of 5 stars 6. This guide has been modified in our shop to work on double hollow ground and wedge knives, both straight and folding. Required fields are marked *. Ths softer steels can develop knicks in the blades when sharpened with a steel. I establish the bevel of the blade on the india stone. it did. Please reach out to us with any questions about our selection of oboe knives. Chiarugi double-hollow-ground knife. We have a wide selection of high quality oboe reed knives for you to peruse because we want to make sure you find the right tool to fit your needs. The hardness rating refers to the hardness of the steel on the rockwell scale. Gouged oboe cane EG-REEDS 19,00 € Professional English horn reed EG-REEDS 22,50 € Custom professional oboe reed EG-REEDS From 25,00 € Shaped oboe cane for students EG-REEDS 9,00 € Mayer oboe reed 23,00 € Shaped English horn cane EG-REEDS 22,00 € Beginner oboe EG-REEDS 1.100,00 € English horn reed manual shaper K.GE 399,00 € As you can see, getting the burr is orrect is the secret. Aria Double Reeds Double Reed Professionals Serving Double Reed Players ☰ Navigation The sharpest knives we sell our the double hollow ground reed knives; our favourite being the Reiger Reed Knife. The burr at the tip will be very thin, and malleable. I highly suggest them to reed makers looking for a light weight double hollow ground knife. I then polish and smooth the burr with a leather strop. I usually use the strop to touch up the burr ever few minutes while I am working. He talks about the blade, the handle, weight and overall feel. Please let me know if anyone out there in oboe land has connections with the author  Daryl Caswell or the publisher. The knife will be INCREDIBLY SHARP! Buy MMEA oboe audition music; Western District, Reed knife sharpening: A guide for reed makers. Additionally, I have an RDG bevel knife that I like to use for the windows–there seems to be more consistent advice available on how to sharpen that, but if you have thoughts I’d love to hear them.) Each Landwell knife usually costs around $100, so they may be on the expensive side for a student or someone just getting into reed making/adjusting. Landwell Double Hollow Ground Reed Knives are made in three hardnesses of steel, each with different positive and negative attributes. Dramatic video demonstration "The secret to a good reed is a sharp knife." The technique takes a while to master, and it is very common for novice reed makers to shred the tips of the reed with this knife or chatter on the back of the reed. The price may be a limiting factor for some oboists, but the return on investment will be greater than some other reed knives. If you are starting our we suggest that you use the Concave Reed Knife. The fine edge on this knife allows for “razor sharp” sharpening and precision scraping. If you are starting our we suggest that you use the Concave Reed Knife. These knives are excellent for finishing the tip or making fine adjustments. Your email address will not be published. They have a thick enough blade to not chatter but are thin enough to provide great control. A word of warning: oboe knives are MUCH sharper, therefore it is incredibly easy to gouge the cane if you’re not careful. Landwell  published a great book on sharpening the specific knife a while back. Reeds 'n Stuff The Landwell reed knife is the gold standard for oboe reed making in my opinion. Reed Making Supplies - Knives for Reedmaking. This is what cuts the cane and it does so in a scraping motion. If you are starting our we suggest that you use the Concave Reed Knife. /*

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