how do i connect two guitar amps together

I am currently looking to expand my rig into a stereo setup. I used this to my advantage and connected the send or "pre out" to the cd input on my Marshall dfx15. You will have two places to adjust sub level (sub out on main receiver, main volume on sub receiver). Mick. There are many ways to do it. you cannot hook up 2 amps together so please do not connect speaker wires from 2 amps to one sub. If you buy the S-Type cable and get it working well, the result will be even better! They are also expensive and do not seem to do anything better than their C-Type brother. Assuming they are both powered amps the short answer is no. The Y cord acts as a splitter and allows you to share the signal from your bass into multiple amps. Some of us use a 'Y' adapter to run two amps. They also share their success stories. This is a quick video showing how to split power into two amps for a 2 channel and a 4 channel amp. Like say a 15 watt amp inot a larger amp to get the small amp's tone but the bigger amp's power. Y cord. Hopefully at least one of your amps has a "line out" jack in the back. You can't just connect amps together unless you know what you are doing, or they were designed to be able to connect together. Plug your bass into the single 1/4" and run guitar cords from the other 2 1/4" ends into the input of the amps and set each amp up for the tone you want. Amp (-) to Amp (-) These connections is what Physically ‘bridges’ the amps together! A 4x12 cab is typically 16 ohms, so when you connect two of them together in parallel, the total load becomes 8 ohms. Can i hook two integrated amps together? ... What I was stating was that you CANNOT just simply parallel the speaker outputs of two amps together directly without causing significant damage. This allows each player to turn up the other player’s mix as heard through through their own SA220. Some people want to connect their mixer to a guitar amplifier, but this is not normally recommended, as the output from the mixing board is too strong for the amp’s guitar input jack, resulting in unexpectedly high, even dangerous, volume levels, extreme distortion and damage to your equipment. If you do switch it on, POW! Blending Amps for Balance. 2 female 1/4" to 1 female 1/4". Set the cab to 8 ohms stereo and run each head at 8 ohms into the two inputs, it's like having two separate 2x12 vertical cabs. Get a Line 6 DL4. * As a general rule, it's OK to connect multiple inputs together. Passive crossovers built into speakers' cabinets are used in compact music systems. Question How do I connect 1 input to multiple Bluetooth Speaker output (3+) Question How to combine multiple inputs into one mic "input" Solved! You need a spitter cable to run from the 3.5mm jack socket on the computer to 2 phono (RCA) plugs. For example, if you want this all to be one zone, then it might be best to get a CONNECT and then an AMP (non-sonos) to power all 8 speakers. Connect two SA220s as shown, then turn up the Monitor knob to mix in the other performer’s SA220". The Crown amp looks like it's rated for 4-Ohm's minimum. The 4x12 cabinet is sometimes referred to as a half-stack, and players routinely connect two of them to a single amp to create a full stack. For example, could you combine two 2000 watt amps to make it a 4000 watt amp? I highly suggest using a lower wattage amp with good tone into a relatively clean amp, sometimes tones can clash with eachother and just not sound good. You cannot connect 2 powered amps directly safely. Then, connect your guitar to the jack that's labeled "input" on the pedal. What's a fun and cabs to 4 guitar into. Connect the subs to the receiver front speaker connections. What I want to do is to run my guitar into both amps, then access my delays and so forth via the effect loops and then send the signal back into the returns in stereo. In that case, you can connect the pass-through outputs on your first amp to the preamp inputs on your second amplifier, and so on. Whether you’re in the studio or on stage, multiple amps blended together can complement each other. This works great but my mate said "that's cool would it work for two amps with an fx loop". this could and would be a disaster! Same time spent setting up 12v batteries in a treat the weekend i have two separate amps together is dependent on that is a. I especially like the ping pong effect with it. Some of us use modern switchers to run multiple amps. From this point on you can go about the install as you would any other install. The best you can do is play your signal through two rigs at once, which can be accomplished several ways, but unless you have a specific sound you are looking for (like the Rick-o-Sound feeding the bridge pickup to a guitar amp), it's rarely worth the hassle. Having said that I have tried this using a Fender M-80 and Roland Cube using the Preamp Out on the Fender to connect directly to the guitar … Likely it will be set very high. Thanks for your question. Once your guitar is connected to the pedal, connect the … You can connect this to any input on the 2nd receiver that is line level (any one other than phono). Does anyone run two subs, should do that are these two 3 amps in a 4000 watt amp for the amps. Same impedance are so-so, it's ok to the same channel and. That means you can connect two 8-Ohm speakers, but if the speakers are 4-Ohms you can only connect one pair per amp. X Research source You can either connect your electric guitar directly to your combo amp or connect it through pedals to get different distortions. Just make sure the Cabinets are in phase and the speakers are moving together. It'll sip a bit off your tone, but nothing you'll be able to notice once you add a few more instruments to the mix. The stereo phasing is making the guitar sound extra "wide" in the stereo mix - but because the straight sound and phased sound are coming out of different amps, you do'nt hear that swooshing you get from a mono chorus. the room fills with sound witout it getting any louder. It helps if your splitter has a phase switch for each individual split, the last thing you want is for one cabinet to push while the other one is pulling. How to have multiple inputs into two outputs You can chain amps together. No matter what, connecting the devices to each other are easy. All mono ends. ... u could buy a multi-amp wiring kit i know for a fact that stinger makes one and they are like $60-70 thats what i would do anyway...instead of running two power wires or splitting one its basically factory split. If you are looking to connect speakers in multiple rooms, consider adding a Play:1, 3, or 5 to every room you want to hear the vibrant tones of your favorite music. It's got stereo outs to run it into two different amps and it's a delay pedal, so you can do all kinds of spacey effects. To connect a guitar pedal, start by plugging in the pedal and amp you're using and then switching them off so you don't cause a short. If you need 4 different zones, then get 4 CONNECT:AMPs. Most amplifiers on the planet can run an 8-ohm load, so this is desirable. Had a couple people wanting to know how to hook up 2 amps so I made a video explaining how The autumn season is here, so it's time for you to change your style. 0 1. This is a quick video showing how to split power into two amps for a 2 channel and a 4 channel amp. You can get a Morley A/B/Y for like $30 on Craigslist. the only thing you can do is hook rcas from one amp to another if the amp has rca outputs on it. In professional audio applications, two amplifiers are used to create a … Solved! The plan was to join them together to make one large 30W cabinet but I’m a little in the dark about how to connect them together so that the impedance is correct (the guitar amp extension speaker must be 8 ohms. Simply plug your guitar cable into the splitter and then you can run the signal to the two amps. Ive noticed that S-Type cables have a more linearity and are also quieter. The input to your guitar amplifier will be with a 1/4" jack plug (the big type). Schedule A Quick Call, one infantry regiment and three cavalry regiments. "The monitor feature on the SA220 allows two performers, each with a SA220, to “cross-feed” their EQ’d and mixed outputs to each other. While many traditional amps come with two pieces of equipment called the head and cabinet, combo amps have both technologies contained in one easy-to-use piece of equipment. Basically, I have an old Rolland amp (405 with a cab) and it says underneath the fx loop send "pre out" and "main in" under return. I would really welcome your advice… Many thanks again. Yes you can connect two heads to the same cab if AND ONLY IF...the cab is in stereo mode. We send the guitar's output via a cable to one amp and running out of a #2 jack into another amp. If the second amp has a "power amp" input, try connecting to that, otherwise you'll be processing the … Connect 12-Gauge Speaker Wire from the Negative (-) Speaker Output on the Master amp to the Negative (-) Speaker Output on the Slave Amplifier. These are called S-Type. Then, obviously connect the second set of speaker to the second amp. If you are ok with 2 separate zones (play the same music or different), then get two CONNECT:AMPs, as you could power 4 speakers off each. In this case, take a second guitar cable from your first amp and plug it into your second amp. Active crossovers are separate components, and are connected between the sound source (a mixer or preamp), and the amplifier. Reply Hi! One way is usefull if you like the preamp of one amp but want the output secion of another amp either for it's tone or power. In some cases, internal amp wiring includes preamp pass-through functionality, which allows you to connect multiple amps together. The result is a functional, safe, and aesthetic switch that allows to safely connect two amps to one set of speakers and switch between them even when the amps are on, just like the $120 Beresford switch, but ours costs only $22 in parts (again including the cost of speakers that we gutted to make the enclosure). Chaining two amps together does not combine their output wattage, if that's what you are asking. These will have a single jack plug at the end where the cable is combined and two (red, white) connctors at … I have run 3 amps chained together using the simple method...input jacks chained to … Im just wondering if there is a way to connect multiple amps together to combine power (wattage). You can add multiple speakers in every room for consistent volume all over, or put 1 device in each room. One question I do have is that the Dittons are rated at 4-8 ohms. If the sub receiver is not two channel then set it to stereo (no subs). Connecting multiple devices (DVR, Blu-ray, Apple TV., gaming console) to soundbar or TV? How to connect multiple amps and wire up a system, how to connect two guitar amps together I use public opinion of Unearthed is ostensibly the wrong side of Unearthed is intense and streamed to breakup with low setting on two. Some amps—such as the Marshall JCM800 or Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier—have massive low end and plenty of gain, but lack clarity and upper mid-range punch for … Assuming your amps are Integrated (pre+amps in one) amps, then play some music on the first amp, and bring the volume control up on the second amp until the sound level of the second set of speakers matches the first set. My rig as follows: Guitar -> Combo Peavey (Preamp out) -> (input jack) Valve Junior -> (8ohm in) Cab Basically, you can connect amps via cable.

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